Changing the way capital products are brought and sold, providing our partners state-of-the-art equipment for less!

Our Story

EndoAmerica was created by industry veteran David Lemmon as the answer to the incredible waste, over priced products and mismanaged purchasing programs he encountered in his 10+ years servicing the hopsital and healthcare industry. EO offers a unique structure and approach to meet the needs of its client partners, drawing on their extensive experience with all facets of the healthcare industry.

EndoAmerica offers a range of services unlike any other company in the market today, and has the know how to succeed. Conceived to Change the Way medical products are bought and sold, EA puts your needs, and budgets, first.

We recognize the challenges you face each day. We’ve been there!

  • Am I getting the best deal with this contract?
  • How can I reduce my spending?
  • How can I control inventory?
  • How can I get the capital equipment we need for less cost?

Our Approach

EndoAmerica’s in depth knowledge of equipment and processes, years of experience in the medical products industry, and superior contract negotiation skills, will benefit your bottom line! We are here to work with you to create a custom cost savings program that will change the way you look captial products and services.


  • 40 years of sales and management experience with corporate contracts and services.
  • 28 years in hospital and healthcare industry.
  • Successfully negotiated hundreds of product purchase contracts as well as service and repair agreements.
  • Direct relationships with GPOs, IDNs and Government Accounts.
  • Medical procedure expertise with consumable devices, GI, Pulmonary, Urology and Surgical Equipment.
  • Expensive experience in Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Endoscopy Centers, Operating Room, Pulmonary Urology and GI Labs, within all sized Healthcare Facilities.

A Veteran Owned Business

EndoAmerica is certified by the Department of Veteran Affairs as a Veteran Owned Small Business. Owner and President, David Lemmon, served in the United States Army in the Infantry and served with both the 101st Airborne Division and 1/506th Infantry Battalion on the Demilitarized Zone of Korea. He was presented an Honorable Discharge after his completed service.

It is my mission to leverage our years of industry experience to help you win the battle against ever shrinking budgets.”

David Lemmon

Contact EndoAmerica for a free evaluation of your contracts, inventory, and capital needs and start saving money today!