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Return of our monitor related products-no questions asked–within 30 days of purchase. We even pay return shipping.

Our Procedure Carts are build custom to your needs once ordered. We can provide a full AutoCAD drawing if needed to ensure everything will fit exactly as needed. No returns are accepted due to the high cost of shipping for this product and custom build.

We only ship to valid physical U.S. addresses in the lower 48 states.
We can provide product to all of the lower 48 states and consulting/contract work can be performed in all 50 states.

EA provides a review of your existing quotes and/or contracts, at no charge. We will negotiate on your behalf, utilizing our unique approach, directly with your vendors to get the lowest cost on the exact equipment you need.

EA applies a fee as a percentage of the savings achieved for you. Your net cost will always be lower than the original quote or contract including the fee for our one-of-a-kind service.

Absolutely! We encourage the use of many major vendors for both new equipment and service maintenance agreements, including those with existing relationships. Any recommendations, new or existing vendors, are based on getting you the best price available while maintaining the highest quality patient care.

Many facilities believe their set GPO price is the best price they can get. This is absolutely incorrect! Many offered items are not covered by their GPO pricing, or fall into ‘negotiable’ categories, such as Large Order Clause, etc. Additionally, pricing promotions are not always presented to customers with on ongoing contracts. EA will always find and/or negotiate the best price!

Yes! We will inspect the equipment for functionality and provide you an immediate cash offer for your items. This is a great way to increase your cash flow for the new equipment you need. EA will match the equipment we purchase from you to facilities in need to the same product, and offer it at a discount… everybody wins.

Yes! We are both a manufacturer and re-seller of the highest quality medical devices and equipment.

All our pre-owned equipment is carefully evaluated, tested and guaranteed to perform at or above industry standard. Individual products have different warrantees so please check the individual listings in our Shop for details.

Even though most consumer electronics have come down in cost in recent years, similar medical equipment continues to rise. The “system” is designed to benefit the large companies that develop these products which keeps costs high. EA is committed to changing the way, so we have established direct relationships with manufacturers to cut out the middle man and bring you the most aggressive pricing in the market.

Yes! We will buy many of the consumable items you have and don’t need, and can offer the items you do need. As with equipment EA can help you with price negotiations and PAR levels, with the vendor of your choice.

We are consistently developing innovative and cost effective new items. We encourage and appreciate the input of the industry and want to address your needs. If there are items you would like available, or improved, let us know so we can begin working on those ideas as well. Everything draws from our extensive experience and customer input so we can Change the Way medical equipment is bought and sold.

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