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Buy World Class Products

EA specializes in providing the right GI and surgical equipment, new or used, for your facility at a fraction of the traditional cost. We offer numerous items you need, and if we don’t have it, we will find it, at a much lower cost.

Contract Negotiation

Preparing to purchase capital equipment? Stuck in a service or maintenance agreement? Let EA negotiate the best pricing in the market on your behalf. Before you sign that next long-term contract, contact us for your FREE review and more details on this program.

Inventory Review

Expired product costs continue to be a massive problem in healthcare facilities. EA offers free Par Level Evaluations. Many facilites are sitting on over-stocked shelves; don’t let other companies sell you what you don’t need or use. EA will provide a comprehensive evaluation of your current inventory, needs and options for maximizing your budget. And if you have excess equipment you won’t use, we can provide a cash offer for those items.

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